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OpenIoT - Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things
Enablers for reliable and useful IoT services

Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things Research Area’s objectives focus on gaining leading knowledge on how to support and rapidly build innovative, standard-based and interoperable IoT-based solutions. The area’s main competences in fact cover enabling technologies for the IoT and developing cutting-edge...
DISCO - DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing
Resource optimization for Future Internet scenarios

The DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing Research Area aims at experimenting and advancing the resource allocation, deployment, management, monitoring and operations of Future Internet distributed infrastructures and platforms based on Cloud Computing paradigm. Future Internet aims at innovating business scenarios (e.g. water...
FuN - Future Networks
Smart and Efficient Connectivity for all, at anytime, anywhere.    

The Future Networks Research Area has the main objective to provide novel contributions to the design and development of converged broadband softwarized network and communication infrastructures that connects the future Internet of people, content, cloud and things. The R&D priorities are driven by...
UbiHealth - Ubiquitous Technologies for Health
Rethinking health by empowering people

Ubiquitous Technologies for Health Research Area’s activity focuses on innovative ways and means for the transformation of data originating from the pervasive environments into significant information for the design, modelling, implementation and evaluation of new ubiquitous healthcare scenarios and applications. UbiHealth research approach focuses on...

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Domenico Siracusa, deputy area head of the Future Networks area at CREATE-NET, will be the guest speaker at the next CommTech Talks event organized by Politecnico di Milano University.


The talk scheduled on May 26 at 5pm and titled “Application-* networking: a road paved with opportunities“ will discuss how applications will program the behavior of next generation transport networks and how networks will adapt to the needs of the...

25/05/2016  -  Read more
Openstack Summit

Silvio Cretti, area head of the DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing group at CREATE-NET, participated in the past Openstack Summit not only to plan a cloud strategy for the future and share knowledge about architecting and operating OpenStack clouds, but also to present to a worldwide audience the Fiware Lab case study.

23/05/2016  -  Read more

Silvio Cretti, area head of the DIStributed Computing and InfOrmation Processing group at CREATE-NET, will take part in the next Trentino Cloud Computing Meetup.

19/05/2016  -  Read more
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 16.33.33.png

EXrade, start up born inside the research center CREATE-NET in Povo won the first prize at the Italian Fintech Awards 2016, sponsored by CheBanca! in fromt of an audience of innovators, bloggers and Fintech enthusiasts.

10/05/2016  -  Read more
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.44.23.png

Cristina Costa, senior researcher in the Future Networks area at CREATE-NET  will present the European Project Sesame at ETSI workshop.

27/04/2016  -  Read more

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