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SmartI - Smart Infrastructures
Enabling Future Internet scenarios

The Smart Infrastructures application area aims at experimenting and advancing the deployment, management and operation of Future Internet infrastructures and platforms based on Cloud Computing paradigm. Future Internet infrastructures and platforms are a key enabler for Future Internet scenarios that are covered in the different research and application...
FuN - Networks R&D
Smart and Efficient Connectivity for all, at anytime, anywhere.    

The Future Networks area at CREATE-NET was formed in June 2013 with the general mission to provide novel contributions to the design and development of converged future broadband softwarized network and communication infrastructures, which connects the future Internet of people, content, cloud and things. The...
SuMo - Sustainable Mobility
Designing solutions for a participatory mobility

The Sustainable Mobility area targets the design and realization of innovative ICT solutions to support the evolution of the mobility sector, addressing the major challenges with regards to environmental, socio-economic and transportation aspects.Ensuring an effective and sustainable mobility of citizens in cities represents a major objective...
FraMe - Future Media Solutions
Towards new pervasive, personalized and context aware communication and interaction solutions 

With the dramatic increase of network-based audiovisual content, Internet is becoming an environment capable to facilitate the creation of new services, that bring interactivity and communication to new levels. This Internet of Media is at the same time permeated even more by pervasive computing,...
One step ahead

CREATE-NET’s INNOVATION activity complements the research and engineering expertise towards the fulfillment of the overall mission of the Center, focusing on four key application domains: Green Tech, Well-Being, Mobile Social Media and Future Internet Technologies. INNOVATION, in cooperation with the research areas, promotes research exploitation and uptake in the industry and...
WELL - Wellbeing and hEaLthy Living
Designing motivational solutions for healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

The area will develop and evaluate innovative solutions for the acquisition and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. In particular, it will define precise interventions based on persuasive technologies to support therapeutic treatments for prevention of different disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder, stress disorder, diabete conditions,...
MUbiT - Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies
From mobile and ubiquitous data to meaningful information

Proliferation of mobile devices, wearables and environmental sensors has brought about the availability of vast amounts of data that can be used in new applications and domains to improve people’s quality of life.In this context the challenge today is on identifying strategies to best exploit  multi-device and multi-sensor contexts...
iNSPIRE - Smart ICT for Socio-­Technical Systems
Users are the system

 Modern technological ecosystems need be designed and analyzed accounting for the end users, i.e., what is called the human factor. In fact, social forces express through actions and strategies of individuals which emerge and ultimately determine the aggregate system behavior. This captures the notion of a so called socio-technical system. The iNSPIRE group addresses...
RIoT - Smart Internet of Things
Enablers for reliable and useful IoT services

Internet of Things area’s objectives are aligned to the Internet of Things vision, namely How to support IoT applications with an underlying infrastructure that can be more smart and reliable.The group’s activities are currently shaped by the iCore project requirements and relate to virtualisation of objects, considering how to account for their...


eit digital

Roberto Riggio, Senior Researcher in the Future Networks team at CREATE-NET gave a seminar on "Scheduling Wireless Network Functions" on Friday November 20th in Stockholm EIT Digital co-location centre.

For more information regarding the seminar visit the Eit Digital website 

23/11/2015  -  Read more
ieee iot

The article "Powering IoT Devices: Technologies and Opportunities" has been publish on the November issue of the IEEE IoT Newsletter.

16/11/2015  -  Read more

Roberto Riggio, senior researcher in the Future Networks (FuN) group at CREATE-NET, has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the 11th IEEE International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM) held in Barcelona from November 9th till the 13th.

16/11/2015  -  Read more

Domenico Siracusa, senior researcher of the Future Networks (FuN) group at CREATE-NET, will attend the "Workshop on Convergence of fixed and mobile broadband networks" organized within the CTTE conference, which will be held from the 9th to the 10th of November in Munich.

09/11/2015  -  Read more