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Dr. Chlamtac is the founder and President of CREATE-NET, at present the top-ranked independent ICT Research Center in Italy.  

Prior to CREATE-NET, Dr. Chlamtac served as Associate Provost for Research and Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications at the University of Texas in Dallas, and Professor at Boston University, University of Massachusetts and Technion.

Dr. Chlamtac holds multiple academic and honorary appointments including the “Bruno Kessler Honorary Professor” from University of Trento, the “Sackler Professorship” at Tel Aviv University, Honorary Professorship at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is currently honorary professor at the University of Trento.

Dr. Chlamtac scientific recognitions include IEEE and ACM Fellowship, the ACM Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility, the IEEE Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Wireless Personal Communications, New Talents in Simulation of SCS, Fulbright Scholarship, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. He was listed in ISIHighlyCited.Com among the 250 most cited Computer Science researchers worldwide. Along with publishing over four hundred refereed articles, and multiple books, Dr. Chlamtac co-authored the first textbook on “Local Networks” (Lexington Books 1980), and IEEE Network Editor's choice and Amazon.com engineering books best-seller "Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures" (John Wiley & Sons 2000).

As part of his contribution to the research community, Dr. Chlamtac founded the ACM SigMobile, serves as Editor in Chief of the ACM/Springer WINET and MONET journals, acts as the founding steering committee chair of ACM Mobicom, and more recently,  lead the launch of the first web based professional society (http://www.icst.org). As the original architect and current President of EAI (http://www.eai.eu/), Dr. Chlamtac pioneered EAI as global initiative for promoting growth of ICT based European economy and digital society.

Dr. Chlamtac is a co-founder and past President of CONSIP Ltd, the first network emulator company, and of BCN Ltd, currently KFKI Ltd (http://www.kfkizrt.hu/)  one of the largest system integrator companies in Central Europe.

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