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Charalampos Doukas and Mattia Antonini @ RIOT Summit

Lun, 11/07/2016

The Riot Summit ( is organized by RIOT Community, FU Berlin, HAW Hamburg and INRIA in Berlin between 15-16 of July.

RIOT ( is an Operating System suited specifically for the IoT domain to address real time and computing power requirements that cannot be tackled by regular operating systems (e.g. linux), where there is the need of dedicated solutions for these typical IoT resource constrained environments. RIOT is gaining rising interest and momentum among the IoT community and CREATE-NET is supporting this community, through the AGILE ( H2020 research project, in order to help RIOT to reach interoperability with other relevant IoT standards and solutions.

The aim of this first summit is to create real connections among RIOTers, beginners and experts, IoT supporters and people that plan to deploy RIOT-OS in the future.

During the summit many talks are planned about standardization, use-cases, hardware solutions, interoperability, gateways and future evolution.

Charalampos Doukas and Mattia Antonini are participating at the event on behalf of CREATE-NET and they are sharing the slot reserved for AGILE Project.

Charalampos is presenting the AGILE project as an open modular ecosystem, with the session entitled ‘AGILE open-source hardware/software ecosystem for IoT’.

Mattia is presenting some famous interoperability frameworks that can be integrated in RIOT-OS and also in AGILE, with the session entitled ‘Interoperability Frameworks for RIOT-OS’.