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Michele Santuari @ ONOS + CORD Mini Summit in Berlin

Lun, 20/06/2016

Michele Santuari, research engineer of the Future Networks group at CREATE-NET, will participate to the next ONOS + CORD Mini Summit which will take place in Berlin on June 20th.


Michele will present a ONOS-based network orchestrator for IP/Optical networks, currently under development within the H2020 EU ACINO project ( Michele will briefly discuss how the proposed orchestrator interacts with technology-specific controllers (e.g. for the optical domain) and single devices (e.g. for the IP domain) and will show how it can dynamically apply resiliency policies (i.e., IP or Optical restoration) in case of failure, based on high level constraints requested by the network operator.

This activity is also part of a well-established collaboration between CREATE-NET and the ONOS community, which dates back to the first releases of ONOS. “We are very glad to continue our collaboration with ON.Lab” says CREATE-NET Managing Director, Elio Salvadori, “which dates back to the very initial versions of ONOS, and we are definitely interested in extending it to the joint management of packet/optical networks, where the introduction of SDN control and orchestration is expected to provide noteworthy benefits.”

The ONOS + CORD Mini Summit is organized by the Linux Foundation in the framework of the OPNFV, the annual conference which brings together developers, end users, and upstream communities working to advance open source Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

In particular during the ONOS + CORD Mini Summit you can hear experts from across the ONOS and CORD communities share all of the information you need to know about these projects.  

Talks will cover the ONOS platform and community, application development, enhancements, deployments and more as well as the CORD architecture, along with CORD services developed for residential, enterprise, and mobile domains.