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New partnership between CREATE-NET, AGILE project and AA School of Architecture

Lun, 19/09/2016
AA school of architecture

The AA School of Architecture has partnered with CREATE-NET and the AGILE project for using IoT technologies that will enable interaction design students and architects to develop complex artwork that visualises the interactivity between context, virtual and visual spaces and Internet data.


 In the context of the AA Visiting School in Greece, participants will have the opportunity to develop their basic skills on controlling models parametrically and on producing interactive presentations.
These sessions also embody manufacturing techniques enabling a hands‐on experience on the realization of an architectural design. In addition, a set of lectures and special events are carried out to enable the participants advance their understanding in matters of new design anatomies and begin developing a theoretical background on topics including machinic control, computational space, and complexity in systems, and innovative urban design approaches.
CREATE-NET has developed an interactivity model that will be used between visitors in order to generate visual effects and artwork actuations, based software from the AGILE IoT gateway.
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