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Dr. Victor Bahl of Microsoft Research paid a visit to CREATE-NET:

Giov, 31/03/2005

On Friday, April 8th, 2005, CREATE-NET Research Center welcomed Dr. Victor Bahl from Microsoft Research. Dr. Bahl gave also a seminar that was organized jointly with DIT "Computer Network and Mobility" at the University of Trento (Faculty of Science). The seminar's title was "Wireless Mesh networks: Opportunities and Challenges"

Microsoft Research and Microsoft’s Advanced Strategy & Policy group are developing wireless mesh technologies that enable city-wide, neighborhood community-wide and enterprise-wide wireless-only networks. Unlike DSL and cable, wireless mesh networks grow organically without requiring central administration. Participants contribute network resources and cooperate to form a self-organizing, self-managing, and self-healing network. Using such networks, participants can cost-effectively share Internet gateways. These networks can provide residential broadband Internet access in rural areas and network connectivity in old office buildings. New applications such as neighborhood security-cam, distributed backup, community event broadcasting, caching etc. become possible.

To realize mesh networks and make them ubiquitous, we have to solve many challenging problems. In this talk, I will discuss why mesh networking is a promising new networking paradigm. I will then parse the problem space and discuss important core technologies that Microsoft Research is building. We have successfully deployed mesh networks both internally and externally in Redmond, USA and Cambridge U.K.

About the speaker:

Victor Bahl is a Senior Researcher and Manager of the Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research. His research interests span the design of wireless systems and networks. Some of his seminal contributions to the field include: RADAR, a signal strength based indoor location determination system; CHOICE, a edge-server based public area hot-spot wireless network; and UCOM, a multi-radio wireless system. He is the co-founder and Chairman of ACM SIGMOBILE; the founder and past Editor-in-Chief of ACM MC2R; and the founder of ACM/USENIX MobiSys. He has authored over 70 papers and 50 patent applications. He is a Fellow of the ACM, and the past president of the electrical engineering honor society Eta Kappa Nu-Zeta. Before joining Microsoft in 1997, Dr. Bahl was with Digital Equipment Corporation (now part of Hewlett Packard) where he initiated, led, and shipped several seminal multimedia products. Click here for more on Dr. Bahl.