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OpenIoT - Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things

Enablers for reliable and useful IoT services

Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things Research Area’s objectives focus on gaining leading knowledge on how to support and rapidly build innovative, standard-based and interoperable IoT-based solutions. The area’s main competences in fact cover enabling technologies for the IoT and developing cutting-edge tools, infrastructural solutions and related reference architectural models, at the device, edge and cloud levels. Such wide-spectrum knowledge is complemented by hands-on competences also in a number of application domains and novel use cases, where OpenIoT team members have applied their expertise in the context of health, media, tourism and creative industries applications.

Besides research and development, the area’s activities give also a strong focus to understanding how and where open hardware and software solutions can play an important role and become key enablers of future IoT infrastructures and applications.

Check the Research Focus section to find out more on our research activities.