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Alexey Baraev Profile

Alexey Baraev joined CREATE-NET in September 2008 and he develops optimization solutions for mobile networks operators and equipment vendors. He is also interested in techno-economic studies and business models for 5G networks. Alexey received his Ph.D degree from the University of Trento during April 2014, for his research work targeting the development of optimization mechanisms for combined circuit and packet switched cellular networks. In 2003-2004 Alexey was a recipient of the Swedish Institute scholarship and subsequently in 2005 Alexey earned his M.Sc. degree in electronics at the University of Gavle in Sweden where he emphasized the telecom front-end electronics. Alexey’s past experience is in the telecom industry and includes several engineering and leadership positions with suppliers of telecom equipment and services. Formerly with Motorola Inc. as a Lead System Engineer in networks support in the CIS region, Alexey’s expertise covers delivery and management of high-tech support services for industrial customers, crisis management and mobile networks integration. Alexey completed a master’s degree in electrical engineering in 2001 at the St. Petersburg State Transport University in Russia.