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Supreeth Herle Profile

Supreeth is working as 5G Research Engineer at Create-net with focus on development activities towards 5G mobile networks. He joined CREATE-NET in December 2015and became part of Future Networks (FuN) department. He received his Master's degree in Communications Engineering with a major in Radio Communications from Aalto University, Finland, in 2015. His Master's thesis was based on 5G Self-Optimized Wireless Mesh network backhaul project at Nokia Networks ( He was part of research team at Nokia Networks from 2013-2014, wherein, he was involved in testing and development of the proof- of -concept system along with development of a simulator for validating topology management functionalities. Addition to this, he worked as Research Assistant at Aalto University for the Netradar project ( In this project, he developed the Netradar webiste to provide a user-friendly interface to display user's measurement history.