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Silvio Cretti Profile

Silvio received a degree in Physics in 1992 from University of Trento. He has been working for Sodalia spa (a joint venture between Telecom Italia spa and Verizon spa) until 2001. During that period he contributed, initially as software developer and then as a system architect, to the design and the development of software frameworks for Network Performance Management and Network SLA Management. From 2002 he has been working for Telecom Italia spa improving his experience in the architecture and design of Network Management Systems ranging from Assurance to Fulfillment and even to Billing fields. He joined CREATE-NET in 2010 working on many EU FP7 and H2020 funded projects in the context of Future Internet focusing on smart infrastructures deployment and management. In particular he contributed to the design and deployment of a multi-region Cloud based on OpenStack called FIWARE Lab ( Currently he is leading the OPS Chapter in FIWARE ( where tools for automatic deployment, monitoring and management of OpenStack based Clouds are developed.

Silvio earned the MCA100 certificate (