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The Living Space Aware Environment


The aim of The Living Space project is to create a research space of excellence where Create-Net and Georgia Tech investigators may experiment ambient assisted living technologies inspired in the Aware-Home paradigm, from the perspective of the European user. The specific objectives of the project are synthesized in the following four points: •Development of The Living Space lab as a home-like environment for conducting experimentation on ambient assisted living. •Investigate the ways for improving quality of life of individuals by means of the use of technology, especially for the aging population, disables and their relatives. •Identification of the main issues involved in the perception of European and American users of ambient intelligence technologies and its consequences in future designs for improving product usability and acceptance. •Promote exchange of students/researchers from Georgia Tech and Create-Net for development of innovative prototypes mirrored for being tested in European and American contexts.

MAE (Ministero Affari Esteri)