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EIT ICT Labs Virtual Social Gym


This project aims at increasing the physical and emotional wellbeing of adults of all ages. It does so based on the notion that physical activity and emotional wellbeing are deeply linked: an active body and mind facilitate interaction with society, feeling of participation, and access to/fruition of services, factors that are known to be highly correlated with happiness. On the other hand, social interactions and reduced stress act as a motivational factor for performing regular training. 

Venet Osmani

MUBIT Contributes to this project by assessing the effect of the use of virtual social gym in the everyday life. In particular, MUBIT is in charge of designing mobile solutions to understand variations of human behaviour of members of the gym across time. In this way the final objective is to assess the effect of the participation to the gym in the improvement of performance on everyday life.

01/2014 - 12/2014