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INTERSTRESS aims to design, develop and test an advanced ICT based solution for the assessment and treatment of psychological stress. Specifically, the system will aim at (i) objective and quantitative assessment of symptoms using biosensors and behavioural analysis; (ii) decision support for treatment planning through data fusion and detection algorithms and (iii) provision of warnings and motivating feedbacks to improve compliance and long-term outcome. To reach this goal the project will use a totally new concept for e-health: “interreality” that integrates assessment and treatment within an hybrid, closed-loop empowering experience bridging physical and virtual worlds. In this way, the general objective of the INTERSTRESS Project is to research and develop a completely new concept in the treatment of psychological stress combining cognitive behavioural therapy with state-of-the-art ICT technologies. From the technological view-point Interreality is based on: - 3D Individual and/or Shared Virtual Worlds allowing objective assessment, and provision of Motivating Feedback; - Personal Biomonitoring System linking real world experience to the virtual one: - Close-loop feedback through mobile devices allowing link from the virtual world to the real one through provision of warnings and motivating feedbacks.

Oscar Mayora
EU Commission, FP7 Call IV