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Jaupaj, E., A. Tamilin, I. Carreras, C. Doukas, L. Capra, and F. Antonelli, "Providing generic support for IoT and M2M for mobile devices", IEEE RIVF International Conference, 2015, Can Tho, Vietnam, IEEE, pp. 192-197, Jan, 2015, Conference Paper .
Miorandi, D., I. Carreras, and I. Chlamtac, "The Lean Research: How to Design and Execute Social Collective Intelligence Research and Innovation Projects", Social Collective Intelligence: Springer International Publishing, pp. 267–276, 2014, Book Chapter .
Anderson, S., D. Miorandi, I. Carreras, and D. Robertson, "Twelve Big Questions for Research on Social Collective Intelligence", Social Collective Intelligence: Springer International Publishing, pp. 93–101, 2014, Book Chapter .
di Cello, R., F. D. Rango, M. T. Alrefaie, I. Carreras, and F. Cartolano, "Map Matching Accuracy: Energy Efficient Location Sampling using Smartphones", International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems, The Hague - The Netherlands, Oct, 2013, Conference Paper .
Osmani, V., I. Carreras, A. Matic, and P. Saar, "An Analysis of Distance Estimation to Detect Proximity in Social Interactions", Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, January, 2013, Journal Article . Abstract
Carreras, I., A. Matic, P. Saar, and V. Osmani, "Comm2Sense: Detecting Proximity Through Smartphones", PerMoby Workshop, part of IEEE PerCom '12 Conference: IEEE , March, 2012, Workshop paper .
Carreras, I., S. Gabrielli, D. Miorandi, A. Tamilin, F. Cartolano, M. Jakob, and S. Marzorati, "SUPERHUB: A User-Centric Perspective on Sustainable Urban Mobility", 6th SenseTransport’12, Low Wood Bay, Lake District, UK, ACM, June, 2012, Workshop paper .
Tacconi, D., D. Miorandi, I. Carreras, and F. De Pellegrini, "Cooperative Evolution of Services in Ubiquitous Computing Environments", ACM Trans. Aut. Adapt. Systems, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 20:1-20:24, Sep, 2011, Journal Article .
Carreras, I., A. Zanardi, E. Salvadori, and D. Miorandi, "A Distributed Monitoring Framework for Opportunistic Communication Systems: an Experimental Approach", International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems (IJARAS), vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 45-62, Jul-Sep., 2011, Journal Article .
Saar, P., A. Matic, I. Carreras, and V. Osmani, "Comm2Sense: proximity detection via smart-phones", eHealth conference, pp.21-23, Nov, Malaga, Spain, 2011, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, R. Saint-Paul, and I. Chlamtac, "Bottom-up design patterns and the energy web", IEEE Trans. Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A, vol. 40, no. 4: IEEE, pp. 815–824, 2010, Journal Article .
Guerrieri, A., I. Carreras, F. De Pellegrini, D. Miorandi, and A. Montresor, "Distributed estimation of global parameters in delay-tolerant networks", Computer Communications, vol. 33, no. 13: Elsevier, pp. 1472–1482, 2010, Journal Article .
Alouf, S., G. Neglia, I. Carreras, D. Miorandi, and A. Fialho, "Fitting genetic algorithms to distributed on-line evolution of network protocols", Computer Networks, vol. 54, no. 18: Elsevier, pp. 3402–3420, 2010, Journal Article .
Carreras, I., and D. Linner, "Self-evolving applications over opportunistic communication systems", Proc. of IEEE PerCom Workshops, pp. 153-158, 2010, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, and I. Chlamtac, "A simple model of contact patterns in delay-tolerant networks", Wireless Networks, vol. 16, no. 3: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 851–862, 2010, Journal Article .
Moiso, C., I. Carreras, B. Fuentes, J. A. Lozano, A. Manzalini, R. Minerva, and D. Miorandi, "Towards a service ecology for pervasive networked environments", Proc. of Future Network and Mobile Summit: IEEE, pp. 1–8, 2010, Conference Paper .
Tacconi, D., D. Miorandi, I. Carreras, F. Chiti, and R. Fantacci, "Using wireless sensor networks to support intelligent transportation systems", Ad Hoc Networks, vol. 8, no. 5: Elsevier, pp. 462–473, 2010, Journal Article .