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Riggio, R., A. Bradai, T. Rasheed, T. Ahmed, K. Slawomir, and J. Schulz–Zander, "Virtual Network Functions Orchestration in Wireless Networks", 11th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Barcelona, IFIP/IEEE, November, 2015, Conference Paper .
Vilchez, S. J. M., B. I. G. Yahia, N. Crespi, T. Rasheed, and D. Siracusa, "Softwarized 5G Networks Resiliency with Self-healing", 1st IEEE International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity, Levi, Finland, Dec, 2014, Conference Paper . Abstract
Somov, A., T. Rasheed, and V. Yedugundla, "Power control game for spectrum sharing in public safety communications", 1st International IEEE Workshop on Emerging Technologies and Trends for Public Safety Communications (Co-located with IEEE CAMAD 2013), Berlin, Germany, IEEE, pp. 207-211, 2013, Workshop paper .
Meddour, D. - E. D. E., Y. Gourhant, and T. Rasheed, "On the Role of Infrastructure Sharing for Mobile Network Operators in Emerging Markets", Elsevier Computer Networks Journal (Special Issue on Network Convergence), 2011, Journal Article .