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Huusko, J., H. D. Meer, S. Klingert, and A. Somov, Energy Efficient Data Centers, , vol. 7396: Springer, pp. 153, 2012, Book .
Somov, A., and et al., "Energy-Aware Gas Sensing Using Wireless Sensor Networks", 9th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, Feb, 2012, Conference Paper .
Sasidharan, S., A. Somov, A. R. Biswas, and R. Giaffreda, "Cognitive management framework for internet of things - a prototype implementation", IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, Seoul (South Korea), IEEE, pp. 538-543, 2014, Conference Paper .
Somov, A., A. Baranov, and D. Spirjakin, "A Wireless Sensor-Actuator System for Hazardous Gases Detection and Control", Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, vol. 210: Elsevier, pp. 157-164, 2014, Journal Article .
Somov, A., and R. Giaffreda, Powering IoT Devices: Technologies and Opportunities, : IEEE Internet of Things Newslettter, November, 2015, Web Article .
Makeenkov, A., I. Lapitskiy, A. Somov, and A. Baranov, "Flammable gases and vapors of flammable liquids: Monitoring with infrared sensor node", Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical , vol. 209: Elsevier, pp. 1102-1107, 2015, Journal Article .
Dupont, C., F. Hermenier, T. Shultze, R. Basmadjian, A. Somov, and G. Giuliani, "Plug4Green: A Flexible Energy-aware VM Manager to Fit Data Centre Particularities", Ad Hoc Networks (Special Issue on Energy-Aware Data Centres: Architecture, Infrastructure, and Communication), vol. 25: Elsevier, pp. 505-519, 2015, Journal Article .