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GEANT SDX - SDN based Open eXchange Point

Areas involved: 
TitoloGEANT SDX - SDN based Open eXchange Point
Publication TypeDemo paper
AuthorsVentre, P. L., B. Jakovljevic, D. Schmitz, A. Papazois, S. Salsano, M. Santuari, M. Gerola, M. Usman, and A. Sevasti
Demo nameIEEE NetSOFT2016
Year of Publication2016
Month PublishedJun

Different reasons make SDN an attractive choice for Service Providers like GE ́ANT: new functionality, improvement of flexibility and automation of operational processes. In this demonstration, we present the SDNization of GE ́ANT Open service, which is currently delivered through a set of Open eXchange Points (OXP) based on traditional (non-SDN) solutions. Usingthisservice,GE ́ANTcustomersandapprovedcommercial partners can interconnect via Layer 2 circuits. The SDN based service has been built on top of the Open Networking Operating System (ONOS) and runs on white box switches for the data plane. The live demo is based on remote access to the real prototype whichrunsintheGE ́ANTCambridgeLab.Duringthedemowe show how an operator can deploy the services and how the SDN network can be monitored and managed. Finally, we demonstrate how the infrastructure is able to automatically manage network events and adapt to network changes.

Parole chiaveOpen Networking Operating System, Open Source, Soft- ware Defined Internet eXchange Point, Software Defined Networking