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Fernandèz, N., D. R. J. Barroso, I. de Miguel, J. C. Aguado, N. Merayo, R. M. Lorenzo, D. Siracusa, A. Francescon, and E. Salvadori, "Demonstration of Proactive Restoration in Cognitive Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Optical Networks", EAI 10th International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness (QShine), RHODES, Greece, Aug, 2014, Conference Paper .
Bonaccorsi, S., S. Ottaviano, F. De Pellegrini, A. Socievole, and P. Van Mieghem, "Epidemic outbreaks in two-scale community networks", Phys. Rev. E, vol. 90: American Physical Society, pp. 012810, Jul, 2014, Journal Article .
Doukas, C., J.L.Pérez, A. Villalba, and D. Carrera, "Bridging Web Technologies with M2M Protocols", W3C workshop on the Web of Things, Berlin, Germany, Jun, 2014, Workshop paper .
Goratti, L., K. Gomez, T. Rasheed, and L. Reynaud, "FME: A Flexible Management Entity for Virtualizing LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)", IEEE NOMS 2014 (Network Operations and Management Symposium), Krakow, Poland, May, 2014, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., D. Oljira, and T. Rasheed, "Joule: SoftwareDefined Energy Metering", IEEE NOMS 2014 (Network Operations and Management Symposium) - Demo Session, May, 2014, Demo paper .
Riggio, R., D. Siracusa, and F. De Pellegrini, "The Price of Virtualization: Performance Isolation in Multi–Tenants Networks", Sixth IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (IEEE NOMS 2014 Conference), Krakow, Poland, May, 2014, Workshop paper .
Alvarez-Lozano, J., V. Osmani, O. Mayora, M. Frost, J. Bardram, M. Faurholt-Jepsen, and L. V. Kessing, "Tell me your apps and I will tell you your mood: Correlation of apps usage with Bipolar Disorder State", 7th International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, Rhodes, ACM, May, 2014, Conference Paper . Abstract
Riggio, R., and T. Rasheed, "Toward Enterprise Virtual Power Consumption Monitoring with Joule", IEEE NOMS 2014 (Network Operations and Management Symposium), May , 2014, Conference Paper .
Goratti, L., R. Fedrizzi, T. Rasheed, R. Riggio, and K. M. Gomez, "VCell: Going Beyond the Cell Abstraction in 5G Mobile Networks", IEEE / IFIP International Workshop on SDN Management and Orchestration (part of IEEE NOMS 2014 Conference), May, 2014, Workshop paper .
Vecchio, M., R. Giaffreda, and F. Marcelloni, "Adaptive lossless entropy compressors for tiny IoT devices", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 13, no. 2: IEEE, pp. 1088-1100, Jan, 2014, Journal Article . Abstract
Chandra, K., R. V. Prasad, I. G. M. M. Niemegeers, and A. R. Biswas, "Adaptive beamwidth selection for contention based access periods in millimeter wave WLANs", IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, IEEE, pp. 458 - 464 , 2014, Conference Paper .