CREATE-NET presented as one of most prestigious research centers in Italy during CISCO's Business Collaboration Center inauguration in Vimercate, Milan. Also present at the cerimony was Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi

Il Sole 24 Ore
Corriere del Trentino

Alessandro Zorer of CREATE-NET, part of the "task force" of the Province of Trento for the switch over to DTTV signal, assures that Rai2 and Retequattro are now visible in digital quality

l'Adige 17/02/2009

Alessandro Zorer's letter on the topic of DTTV entitled "the channels are there, let's discuss about contents" makes the front cover of L'Adige.


From February 15 the Digital Terrestrial TV switch over will take place, CREATE-NET's Vicepresident explains

l'Adige 04/02/2009

Alessandro Zorer of CREATE-NET explains the objectives of the MOTUS Project, an integrated platform of services to improve urban mobility

l'Adige 25/01/2009

CREATE-NET involved with Fiat's research centre in the 'incremental forming' prototype robot

l'Adige 25/01/2009

Digital Terrestrial TV: CREATE-NET's Vice-President sheds light on the upcoming 2-step TV signal migration in the Province of Trento

l'Adige 06/01/2009

Digital Terrestrial TV: Giovanni Holzer of CREATE-NET presents the advantages of the new digital TV to pensioners of the Province of Trento

l'Adige 19/01/2009

Digital Terrestrial TV: CREATE-NET's Vice-President participates in a convention in Trento to inform TV technicians about the migration to the new system

l'Adige 27/07/2011

Americans in Trentino, including CREATE-NET personel, share their hopes for newly appointed president of the U.S.A

l'Adige 06/11/2008

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