Since August 1, CREATE-NET has officially joined the OFELIA project consortium

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iCore Logo

iCore project, ccordinated by CREATE-NET, is involved in the Future Internet week in Poznan (24-28 October).

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CREATE-NET is to coordinate an important EU project in the Internet of Things domain

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Yaase system for Android phones

It took only one month of hard work and two brilliant Italian minds to design and implement an advanced security system which protects data stored in the latest generation of Android smartphones.

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European broadband futures

The CREATE-NET research center, directed by prof. Imrich Chlamtac, continues its involvement in the development of Future Internet.

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Prof. Chlamtac and Chemi Peres

Chemi Peres from the Peres Center for Peace visits Trento to meet the local institutions

On July 19th, Chemi Peres, member of the board of the Peres Center for Peace and cofounder of Pitango Venture Capital, visited Trento to officially launch the ZOORAnet project.

Dr. Peres used his visit to meet the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Lorenzo Dellai and all the partners from Trento involved in the project.

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Professor Imrich Chlamtac, president of the European Alliance for Innovation, will be chairing a panel on fostering collaboration for successful eco-innovation on Monday, July 11, 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

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A user-friendly and easy to surf website is what we tried to accomplish, keeping in mind that transparency and clarity are the basis for efficient communication.

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With a public investment in research and development of 150 million Euros per year and a 1.2 % incidenceon GDP, the Trentino region is destined to become the Silicon Valley of Europe.

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The integrated project (IP) EUWB, supported by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, received the Best Demonstration Stand award during the Future Network Mobile Summit 2011 which took place in Warsaw on June 15th -17th.

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i-Theatre demo at the Trento Science Museum from Saturday May 28th – 4.00/6.00 p.m. 

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logo Autoclusters

CREATE-NET will host the sixth AUTOCLUSTERS project partners meeting in Trento on 22-23 February 2011

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The C2POWER project (EU-FP7-STREP) will be holding its next plenary meeting in Trento from the 3rd until the 4th of February 2011.

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logo monarca

The MONARCA European project workshop will take place on Monday, January 24th, at the Panorma Center in Trento.

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endorse logo

ENDORSE is a European funded research project focused on the protection of personal data stored in different information data systems. The project will develop a software platform that allows companies to check the compliance of their systems with respect to data protection legislation.

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