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Daniele Miorandi @ INNO.VISION

Thu, 05/01/2012
Innovision ericsson

The Ericsson annual event "INNO.VISION" took place in Rome at the end of November. It offered an opportunity for discussion and comparison between institutions, industries, professionals and opinion leaders on the evolution of ICT in Italy, on its role in socio-economic growth and on possible actions to build a "Networked Society."

During the event, the strategic role of innovation was analyzed both as an evolution of technology and services, but mostly as a willingness to share experiences, to change and to develop innovative ideas.

Among the role models presented, the city of Trento stands out because of its significant investments on ICT for the improvement of the social and economic life of the territory, its citizens and its businesses.

CREATE-NET, represented by Daniele Miorandi, area head of the iNSPIRE group, was present at the event.

"The very fact that one of the three preparatory workshops of the event in Rome was held in Trento reveals that the Trentino research ecosystem is recognized as a model of excellence in ICT at the European level. Moreover, the organizers have shown great appreciation for the creative ideas proposed by CREATE-NET’s researchers. These ideas were selected among those of greatest interest from the standpoint of innovation and impact." Miorandi says.

It is now clear that the urban centers that have invested more in ICT innovation and development policies will gain significant benefits and become more competitive. It will therefore be essential even in large metropolitan areas to leverage effective ICT strategies to meet the citizens’ needs of economic, social and environmental development.

More info: 

More information about the event can be found here http://nl.bu.edu/news-and-events/news/ericsson-inno-vision-keynote-from-nl/ and here http://www.ericsson.com/it/article/111125_evento_annuale_innovision_1228877251_c

Furthemore you can read an interesting article about the Trentino example presented at INNO.Vision here the http://www.corrierecomunicazioni.it/pdf_giornale/1/2011/20/CorCom_38.pdf