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Federico Michele Facca Profile

Federico Michele Facca obtained his M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2004 with a thesis on Data Mining XML and Structured Data. The same year he started to work as researcher in Database Research Group at Politecnico di Milano. In 2005 he started a PhD in Information Technology that he completed in 2008 with a thesis on Engineering Semantic Web Services and Portals. During his PhD carrer he worked as consultant on different industrial and research projects for Cefriel, Getronics, Somedia and Web Models. His work concentrated on applying Software Engineerign approaches to different Web Technologies. His work was recognized by several awards, including an IBM Faculty Award issued to Prof. Ceri Database Group for the work on Semantic Web Services Engineering. 

In 2007 he spent some months as visiting researcher at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), University of Innsbruck (now Semantic Technology Institute Innsbruck). In 2008, the collaboration with STI Innsbruck become a full time position, first as Senior Research and Institute Manager, then starting from 2009, Federico become Unit Leader of Semantic Execution Enviroment (SEE) Unit. The SEE Unit focused on the development of middlewares for the management and execution of Semantic Web Services. In this period he as well conducted research on IoT and Mobile Computing related topics.

In May 2010, Federico joined the Innovation team at CREATE-NET and started his collaboration with the ENGINE group within the INFINITY project. Since July 2012 Federico was appointed ENGINE Area Head, in January 2013, following the center re-organization, Federico became Area Head of the Smart Infrastructure group.