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Karina Gomez Profile

Karina Mabell Gomez Chavez was born in Chillanes, Ecuador. She received the engineering degree (cum laude) in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the National Polytechnic School in Ecuador, in 2006. She received her Master degree in Wireless Systems and Related Technologies from the Turin Polytechnic, Italy, during 2007. In year 2007, she joined FIAT Research Center, becoming part of the Infomobility-Communication and location Technologies. In July 2008, she joined iNSPIRE Area at Create-Net, working on several projects (WING, SMARTNET, TRITon, DOGMATIX).

She received her PhD degree in Telecommunications from the University of Trento, Italy, during 2013. During her PhD she conducted various industry internships and research visit at Orange Labs in Lannion-France, Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Berlin-Germany, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne-Australia. Since beginners 2013, she is part of the FUN Area at Create-Net. She has several patents on protocols for next generation of wireless networks and has published her research in important journals and conferences. Her current research activity is mainly focusing on:

  1. Next generation wireless networks (WiFi, LTE) and network virtualization,
  2. Hybrid Aerial-Terrestrial communication architectures for Emergency Broadband (www.absolute-project.eu)
  3. Energy management and green networking (www.energino-project.org),
  4. Wireless testbeds and simulators (Omnetpp, Matlab),
  5. Network measurements (energy consumption, network performance metrics),