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Luigi Telesca Miscellaneous


My research approach relies on the deployment of user-centric services that may be available on the entire network and be delivered to the right place, in the right time.

Moreover, future computing environments are distinguished to be omnipresent and offer a multitude of services which will be accessible anywhere anytime. These services can be exploited by using many mobile devices (e.g. laptops, PDAs, mobile/smart phones, wearable computers) communicating through various network technologies. In such environment, content and services spread around a disconnected infrastructure. The users can securely access on-demand services and content that will be tailored to the resource-constrained client devices and represented in the way that maximizes user perception and understanding. The potential scenarios envision for next generation electronic applications & services, include next generation e-business ecosystems and support for mobile users (on the road, at home, etc).


Middleware and Distributed Software Systems

Exploring new P2P approach for the middleware that has to coordinate a fine granularity Grid to explore new characteristics and specifications for the design of applications that have to optimally exploit the potentially huge computing power that the P2P Grid can provide.


Experimenting innovative services such as Digital Ecosystems in the Trentino Province. Currently working on negotiation technologies and techniques to support at the technological level the establishment of self-organized business networks.

Identity and Trust Management

Investigating the extension of “Traditional Trust Models” to a New Trust Concept for the pervasive business environments. Incorporating concepts from different disciplines and existing rating and trust and reputation models, we are developing a theory of trust and reputation to established social and economic theory of trust with the goal of providing a catalyst for growth and evolution of VEs.