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Raffaele Giaffreda Profile

Raffaele is a research scientist currently focusing on Future Internet enabling technologies and the Internet of Things. He received his first degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 1995 and his Master of Science in Telecom Engineering from University College of London in 2001. After a brief work experience at the Optical Systems unit of Telecom Italia labs, in 1998 he joined British Telecom (BT) as a researcher shifting his interest from optical communications systems to data networks, mainly working on information retrieval systems and context-aware networks. He contributed to a number of EURESCOM projects and between 2003 and 2007 was involved in the FP6 EU project Ambient Networks as a leader of the Context, Network and Policy Management work-package and as a project manager for BT participation in the consortium. Before joining CREATE-NET, Raffaele was involved in shaping BT research activities studying potential roles for telecom operators in future open service environments and the related technology enablers. He is currently Area Head for the smaRt IoT (RIoT) group at CREATE-NET and he also coordinates the EU FP7 Internet of Things project iCore (www.iot-icore.eu).