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Cariolaro, G., F. De Pellegrini, and V. Cellini, Periodic, Strict and Quasi-invariance in Linear Systems, : IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, no. 4, vol 54, pp. 333-337, 2007, Journal Article .
Carreras, I., S. Gabrielli, D. Miorandi, A. Tamilin, F. Cartolano, M. Jakob, and S. Marzorati, "SUPERHUB: A User-Centric Perspective on Sustainable Urban Mobility", 6th SenseTransport’12, Low Wood Bay, Lake District, UK, ACM, June, 2012, Workshop paper .
Carreras, I., J. Rana, and L. Telesca, "Coordination protocol for financial application in delay tolerant networks", Proc. of COMSWARE, Bangalore, India, pp. 283–286, January, 2008, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., A. Matic, P. Saar, and V. Osmani, "Comm2Sense: Detecting Proximity Through Smartphones", PerMoby Workshop, part of IEEE PerCom '12 Conference: IEEE , March, 2012, Workshop paper .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, and I. Chlamtac, From Biology to Evolve-Able ICT Systems, : Proceedings of IEEE SMC (workshop on eNetworks), 2007, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., I. Chlamtac, I. Woesner, and H. Kiraly, BIONETS: BIO-inspired Next generaTion networkS, : Proc. of WAC. Volume 3457 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science., Springer, 2004, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., and D. Linner, "Self-evolving applications over opportunistic communication systems", Proc. of IEEE PerCom Workshops, pp. 153-158, 2010, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, and I. Chlamtac, "A simple model of contact patterns in delay-tolerant networks", Wireless Networks, vol. 16, no. 3: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 851–862, 2009, Journal Article .
Carreras, I., R. Grasso, C. Kiraly, S. Pera, H. Woesner, Y. Ye, and C. Szabo, Design Considerations on the CREATE-NET Testbed, : Proc. of TRIDENTCOM 2005, 23-25 February, 2005, Conference Paper .
Carreras, I., A. Fialho, D. Miorandi, S. Alouf, and G. Neglia, "Autonomic Information Diffusion in Intermittently Connected Networks", Autonomic Computing and Networking, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer–Verlag, pp. 411-433, May, 2008, Book Chapter .
Carreras, I., and D.Tacconi, U-Hopper: User-centric Heteogeneous Opportunistic Middleware, : Demo Session - in Proc. of SAC (BIONETICS Workshop), Budapest, Hungary, 2007, Workshop paper .
Carreras, I., A. Zanardi, E. Salvadori, and D. Miorandi, "A Distributed Monitoring Framework for Opportunistic Communication Systems: an Experimental Approach", International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems (IJARAS), vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 45-62, Jul-Sep., 2011, Journal Article .
Carreras, I., D. Miorandi, and I. Chlamtac, A Framework for Opportunistic Forwarding in Disconnected Networks, : in Proc. of MOBIQUITOUS, San Jose, CA (USA), 2006, Journal Article .