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Riggio, R., "Demo: The EmPOWER Mobile Network Operating System", Demo: The EmPOWER Mobile Network Operating System: ACM Mobicom 2016, In Press, Demo paper .
Ahmed, T., A. Bradai, R. Riggio, davit harutyunyan, and K. Slawomir, "SWAN: Base–Band Units Placement over Reconfigurable Wireless Front–Hauls", IEEE/IFIP Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), November, In Press, Conference Paper .
Subramanya, T., R. Riggio, and T. Rasheed, "Intent–based Mobile Backhauling for 5G Networks", IEEE Man SDN/NFV, Montreal, Canada, Nov, 2016, Conference Paper .
Kliks, A., B. Bossy, S. N. Khan, R. Riggio, and L. Goratti, "An architecture for spectrum management and coordinated control in 5G heterogeneous networks", International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), Poznan, 2016, pp. pp. 648-652, Sep, 2016, Conference Paper .
davit harutyunyan, and R. Riggio, "Functional Decomposition in 5G Networks", IFIP International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security, Vienna, Austria, pp. pp. 62-67, Jun, 2016, Conference Paper .
Teymoori, P., M. Welzl, S. Gjessing, E. Grasa, R. Riggio, K. Rausch, and D. Siracusa, "Congestion Control in the Recursive InterNetworking Architecture (RINA)", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May, 2016, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., imen grida ben yahiya, T. Rasheed, and steven latre, "Orchestrating Virtual Network Functions with Scylla", IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), Istanbul, April, 2016, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., T. Rasheed, and M. Marina, "Interference Management in Software-Defined Mobile Networks", IFIP/IEEE Integrated Network Management Symposium (IM 2015), Ottawa, May, 2015, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., T. Rasheed, K. Slawomir, J. Schulz–Zander, and M. Marina, "Programming Abstractions for Software–Defined Wireless Networks", IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM), May, 2015, Journal Article .
Gebremariam, A. A., L. Goratti, R. Riggio, D. Siracusa, and F. Granelli, "A Framework for Interference Control in Software-Defined Mobile Radio Networks", VENITS 2015 1st International Workshop on Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems, Las Vegas, NV, Jan, 2015, Conference Paper .
Bucaille, I., K. Sithamparanathan, K. Gomez, L. Goratti, and R. Riggio, "Capacity Evaluation of Aerial LTE Base-Stations for Public Safety Communications", IEEE EUCNC (European Conference on Networking and Communications), Paris, July, 2015, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., J. Schulz–Zander, and A. Feldmann, "Programming the Home and Enterprise WiFi with OpenSDWN", Programming the Home and Enterprise WiFi with OpenSDWN: ACM SIGCOMM, August, 2015, Demo paper .
Riggio, R., and J. Schulz–Zander, "Virtual Network Function Orchestration with Scylla", Virtual Network Function Orchestration with Scylla: ACM SIGCOMM, August, 2015, Demo paper .
Riggio, R., A. Bradai, T. Rasheed, T. Ahmed, K. Slawomir, and J. Schulz–Zander, "Virtual Network Functions Orchestration in Wireless Networks", 11th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Barcelona, IFIP/IEEE, November, 2015, Conference Paper .
Riggio, R., D. Oljira, and T. Rasheed, "Joule: SoftwareDefined Energy Metering", IEEE NOMS 2014 (Network Operations and Management Symposium) - Demo Session, May, 2014, Demo paper .
Riggio, R., D. Siracusa, and F. De Pellegrini, "The Price of Virtualization: Performance Isolation in Multi–Tenants Networks", Sixth IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (IEEE NOMS 2014 Conference), Krakow, Poland, May, 2014, Workshop paper .
Riggio, R., and T. Rasheed, "Toward Enterprise Virtual Power Consumption Monitoring with Joule", IEEE NOMS 2014 (Network Operations and Management Symposium), May , 2014, Conference Paper .