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Proactive restoration of slow-failures in optical networks

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TitleProactive restoration of slow-failures in optical networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSiracusa, D., F. Pederzolli, E. Salvadori, R. L. Cigno, and T. I. Monroy
Conference NameICTON
Month PublishedJul
Conference dateJuly 6-10, 2014
Conference LocationGraz, Austria

Current optical networks, while offering outstanding reliability, still suffer from occasional failures. A resource-efficient procedure to handle these failures in un-protected scenarios is to perform restoration, i.e., to dynamically setup a backup lightpath after the primary one stops working, which leads to traffic losses while such operation completes. In this paper we propose a technique, applicable to optical networks with centralized control, to better handle failures with slow transients. The idea is to proactively perform the backup lightpath's setup, triggered by either a fixed or an adaptive threshold. The latter is chosen so as to balance the need of offsetting the setup time with the need of preventing unneeded setups. Simulations show that the adaptive threshold provides better performance than the fixed one, both in terms of timely restorations, and in terms of unnecessary setup operations.