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VeRTIGO: Network Virtualization and Beyond

Areas involved: 
Areas involved: 
TitleVeRTIGO: Network Virtualization and Beyond
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDoriguzzi Corin, R., M. Gerola, R. Riggio, F. De Pellegrini, and E. Salvadori
Conference NameEuropean Workshop on Software Defined Networks (EWSDN)
Month PublishedOct
Conference dateOctober 25th-26th, 2012
Conference LocationDarmstadt, Germany
Keywordsnetwork virtualization

In this paper we present VeRTIGO (ViRtual TopologIes
Generalization in OpenFlow networks), a Software–defined
networking platform designed for network virtualization. Based
on the OpenFlow original network slicing system FlowVisor,
the VeRTIGO platform aims at covering all flavors of network
virtualization: in particular, it is able to expose a simple abstract
node on one extreme, and to deliver a logically fully connected
network at the very opposite end.
In this work, we first introduce the VeRTIGO system architecture
and its design choices, then we report on a prototypical
implementation deployed over an OpenFlow–enabled testbed.
Experimental results show that VeRTIGO can deliver flexible
and reliable network virtualization services to a wide range of
use cases in spite of failure and/or congestion at the underlying
physical network.