iNSPIRE - Smart ICT for Socio-­Technical Systems

Users are the system


Modern technological ecosystems need be designed and analyzed accounting for the end users, i.e., what is called the human factor. In fact, social forces express through actions and strategies of individuals which emerge and ultimately determine the aggregate system behavior. This captures the notion of a so called socio-technical system. The iNSPIRE group addresses the analysis of such complex sytstems with a large number of components: these aggregates represent a playground for analysis and design techniques where we like to provide a genuine engineering approach.

More precisely, iNSPIRE  focuses research activities on the development of models and ICT solutions able to support the growth and governance of complex socio-­technical systems. With a multidisciplinary attitude, iNSPIRE blends competences on system modelling and analysis, compentences on big data analytics and tools for crowdsourcing. Research activiites in the group revolve on some focused foundational scientific activities, namely, the development of algorithmic solutions and models, whereas real-world input and verification activities are grounded on simultaneous experimental activities. The ultimate goal is advancing the state-‐of-­art in selected high­‐impact application domains, i.e., in particular communications, econophysics and smart mobility.

Activities  are currently boosted by newly acquired projects, in particular CONGAS and TEAM, which are aligned with the priorities of the iNSPIRE team.

The group is open to collaborations and synergies in order to expand the core team. Liaison activities with the relevant stakeholders are persistently carried out in order to (i) maximize the impacts of the team’s scientific research activities (ii) identify opportunities for collaboration, both at the scientific as well as innovation level.