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Development & Innovation

The research activities of the iNSPIRE area have led to the spin off of the U-Hopper company.

U-Hopper is a startup company operating in the mobile advertising market.U-Hopper's mission is to fully exploit the potential of modern mobile handset technologies. U-Hopper builds its solutions on the concept of fully exploiting the information hidden in the enormous amount of data that can be collected through and by mobile phones. This includes both usage patterns by subscribers as wel as data coming from sensors customarily found in current smartphones (accelerometers, GPS, audio and video).

The iNSPIRE team values collaboration with industry at both the local and international level. We have developed a number of innovative software tools for ISPs and telecom operators, built upon our advanced algorithms and solutions.

Check out some examples of collaboration with industry on the OUTSMART, TI-SENTO and LinkingCommerce projects!