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eXrade is a newly established start-up active in the field of electronic transactions and smart services. eXrade is an open multi-service, platform-as-a-service environment (PAAS), empowered by a strong negotiation engine, for business automation and business productivity. eXrade, thanks to its effective negotiation engine, is able to support different collaboration models and transaction protocols, so that all the corresponding needs can be covered by a unique interoperable platform. eXrade is the result of a research project called ONE (Open Negotiation Environment), partially financed by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Program. The ONE project was a STREP project geared towards SME’s in order to provide them with a trusted, secure and free of charge technological environment in which they were able to create tactical and strategic alliances, for the ultimate goal of pursuing business opportunities and growth. Thus the project developed an open negotiation environment that is affordable, open, not centrally controlled, and supports the sharing of knowledge via flexible security and trust policies.
eXrade is a joint effort of some of the EU project partners that would like to bring to commercialization the solution. eXrade will bring forward the development of the ONE platform by adding intelligence into it and by developing a negotiation software agent arena that will permit the automatization of certain business processes toward the machine-to-machine (M2M) vision.



Intelincs established in September 2009, has been tasked the responsibility of building advanced IT tools relevant to the efficient and productive operation of events and fairs, thanks also to the agreement with ICST and EAI of using the tools for their own events.

The primary tool in development is the ‘Compass’ suite of products, whose development has been co-funded by the Province of Trento through the COMPASS project approved in the summer 2010. These products span a range of functionalities relevant to event management. Specifically the tools in development are targeted for event management incorporating the participation of the volunteer community. Compass platform runs on most mobile phones, together with an optional web-based component, enabling proximity peer-to-peer communication.

The Compass suite of tools incorporates the overall timeline of deliverables for the event and manages the automation of reminders, notifications and alerts. The system is being designed to provide a single interface for the various users and participants within a conference spanning from organizers through to Publicity chairs and this individual interface details the timelines, actions and deliverables relevant to each participant.

Intelincs market research shows that while there are a number of event related tools on the market, the Compass product addresses a niche application that to date has been poorly served. While the Compass suite of products is first being developed for use at EAI events, it is envisaged that ongoing development and productization will facilitate the offering of the Compass product to the general marketplace.



U-Hopper (www.u-hopper.com) is a recently established company operating in the mobile advertising industry. Using state-of-the-art behavioral and micro targeting features, the U-Hopper mobile advertising platform maximizes the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while fully respecting the end-user privacy. The U-Hopper platform allows advertisers to get-to-know end users before advertising to them. This enables an unprecedented level of personalization of marketing campaigns, and allows agencies to optimally configure marketing campaigns in order to best reach their campaign objectives.

The company was officially formed in September 2010, and was able to close its first commercial contract in December 2010.

U-Hopper exploits the latest results of BIONETS (www.bionets.eu), a European Integrated Project (IP) coordinated by CREATE-NET and ended in March 2010.

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