Trentino TestBed: an ICT infrastructure to host Future Internet experimentations

CREATE-NET is partner of the Wireless and Optical TestBed Laboratory (WOTBL)[1], an ICT infrastructure devoted to the experimentation and deployment of Future Internet technologies, services, applications and prototypes located in the Province of Trento. This is a jointly initiative among three partners: Trentino Network, University of Trento and CREATE-NET. Inspired by the testbed kicked off by CREATE-NET in the city of Trento in 2005 (the first one located in the Province and among the first at national level), WOTBL is characterized by an open environment, implemented on a communication infrastructure where target user groups can be part of the experimentation. The testbed is composed by a city-wide backbone devoted to provide connectivity not only among the partners but mainly among them and the rest of Trentino Network infrastructures. The testbed provides a Europe-wide distributed experimentation platform through its connections to the Italian R&D network (GARR) and the European research infrastructure (GEANT).


The core of the testbed is composed of two Gigabit Ethernet networks running in parallel:

  • one is based on commercial MPLS equipments (Cisco ME 3800x, Alcatel) and is devoted to the experimentations on Future Internet services;
  • one is based on OpenFlow enabled equipments (NEC, NetFPGA) and is devoted to host Software Defined Networking based Future Internet applications[2].

Both experimental networks are interconnected with a set of complementary technologies:

  • some virtualization servers running several VMs that can be instantiated dynamically to host Future Internet experimental applications;
  • an Alvarion HiperLAN/2 Base Station providing broadband coverage to the whole Trento city;
  • WiFi-based indoor mesh networks where experimental protocols can be tested on real users traffic.

As depicted in the figure, the testbed is interconnected with several facilities of the regional public operator Trentino Network:

  • an MPLS backbone network composed of 92 PoP all over 800km fiber in Trentino province;  
  • a fixed BWA network (WINET) based on license free 802.1a/b/g/h technologies composed of more than 500 access points covering the rural areas in Trentino province;
  • a Next Generation Access (NGA) network that will provide 100% FTTH coverage to all citizens by 2018

This unique combination of technologies will facilitate the deployment of end-to-end Future Internet trial scenarios where bandwidth demand is highly relevant. The key role of the partnership with Trentino Network is that it can bring in users from the Public Administration willing to participate to the testing and validation of Future Internet experimental services all over the territory.

The following CREATE-NET projects are currently using or have used in the past the testbed facility to perform its experimental activities:

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[1] Agreement for the implementation and management of a Wireless and Optical Test Bed Laboratory (WOTBL)
[2] This facility is one of the islands of the OFELIA FIRE facility: