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First Italian Internet of Things Day

Tue, 09/04/2013 - 15:00 - 20:00
Trento - Fondazione Bruno Kessler Via Santa Croce, 77

Trento at the center of the Italian Internet of Things landscape
Don't be an alien, get involved, meet makers and connect your Things!! 

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What is the Internet of Things?  

Advances in technology and miniaturisation of hardware have been instrumental to the availability of cheap small devices, easily fitted with radio and sensing capabilities. Connected “things” are proliferating everywhere opening up unprecedented opportunities for new services that can exploit such sensing capabilities in many different application contexts.
Recent news from big consultancy firms (Gartner), blogs (GigaOM), business magazines (Forbes) and worldwide consumer equipment events (CES) have all been jointly emphasising how the Internet of Things will enable the next big wave of innovation.
What is the IoT Day?
Following last year great success with parallel events held in 16 different countries and as the Internet of Things evolves into a mainstream activity, there will be an IoT Day also this year with many initiatives launched to spread awareness of what connected “things” allow you to achieve. 
Why Trento?
With leadership in one of the main EU collaborative projects and involvement with many other IoT related activities, Trentino is well position to set the pace of this IoT awareness campaign on the Italian landscape. To sustain this role and mark IoT Day 2013, there will be an event in Trento co-organised by CREATE-NET which will bring together the perspectives of makers (hardware experts that that assemble connected things into creating imaginative services), the perspective of hardware vendors (who support makers creativity with easy to use hardware devices), the perspective of those that have created successful IoT services, the perspective of brokers (i.e. hackathon event organisers) that catalyse the reaction between makers and hardware / software providers as well as the perspective of those who invest their interests in ensuring long-term reach of envisaged solutions.


3 pm - Luigi Telesca, COO of CREATE-NET


3.05 pm - Charalampos Doukas, Author of Building Internet of Things with Arduino, IoT maker

IoT basics, current trends and future

3.25 pm - Claudio Carnevalli, CEO of openPICUS

Flyport platform as open source hardware enabling the IoT

3.45 pm - Adrian McEwen, Member of Arduino team, maintener of Arduino Ethernet library, CTO of GoodNightLamp

Internet delle Cose (Belle)

4.05 pm - Matteo Collina, IoT Developer, founder of qest.me

Making things that work with us

4.25 pm - Massimo Barozzi / Nicola Dorigatti, Trilogis srl

MEPI Medical Equipment Profiling and Identification system

4.45 pm - Paolo Sinelli / Andrea Piovani, WhyMCA

WhyMCA – The Mobile Revolution

5.05 pm - Raffaele Giaffreda, iCore Project Coordinator

iCore: use of virtualised objects and cognitive technologies in IoT

5.25 pm - Fabio Antonelli, COMPOSE project

Enabling an open marketplace of services for the Internet of Things

5.45 pm - Closing panel

Impact opportunities for IoT: DOs and DON’Ts, what are the most promising paths for exploitation?

6.30 pm - Demos - Aperitivo - Refreshments

7.30 pm - Closing

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The event will be in English and translated simultaneously into Italian