WARNING! Starting from January 1st, 2017 this website will no longer be updated. The new website is create-net.fbk.eu


A converged platform for Future Internet experimentation

SIRIS is an experimental platform developed by CREATE-NET to facilitate research and innovation activities on Future Internet technologies. Aimed at building a common playground that covers different technologies researched and adopted within CREATE-NET, the experimental platform will soon be opened to third-party developers and entrepreneurs who are willing to test CREATE-NET solutions or collaborate with our researchers on the development of novel Future Internet technologies. Through the SIRIS platform developers and researchers will be in fact able to experiment innovative applications on a wide set of Future Internet scenarios developed both in EU-funded projects as well as in pre-commercial industrial settings.

In more detail, SIRIS is a converged infrastructure composed by three major elements:

  • a Data Center running OpenStack as IaaS platform and Murano, an application catalog that help developers to compose reliable application environments as well as to publish cloud-ready applications in a browsable categorized catalog. The DC is leveraged to host computing-intensive tasks like machine-learning based algorithms for analysis of data coming from mobile phones, IoT deployments, etc… (any kind of monitoring-based data-set)   

  • a wireless sensor network deployment enabling rapid-prototyping IoT-based experimentations based on open-hardware technologies like Arduino/Raspberry Pi. An outdoor deployment leveraging of license-free based LORA-based technologies is currently under deployment. Such deployment can provide easily full coverage of the Trento municipality in a radius of 5 to 10 kilometers with just few IoT gateways developed in key locations.  

  • a 5G-ready programmable network infrastructure composed by:

    • an NFV-enabled wireless access network based on femto base stations (ETTUS SDR technology and OpenAir) and WiFi technology (PCEngines Alix 2d2);

    • an SDN-controlled backhaul network based on NEC, DELL and HP OpenFlow-enabled switches deployed across three different sites in the municipality of Trento.

The current roadmap of SIRIS is developed around multi-fold objectives:

  • integrate into a unique platform all the experimental prototypes developed within CREATE-NET projects leveraging on key inter-related domains like IoT, cloud, 5G and Big Data;
  • demonstrate to potential commercial partners the capability of CREATE-NET to develop and deploy Future Internet solutions that can scale and trigger new business cases; 
  • engage third-parties developers to contribute to specific community-based (open-source) solutions in the key domains described before;
  • expose resulting APIs to third parties to encourage collaboration with CREATE-NET researchers on joint experimental scenarios;
  • federate the facility with existing experimental infrastructures (like FI-LAB and FIRE) by leveraging on the experience gained in the deployment of the local-node of the FI-PPP experimental facility and OFELIA SDN testbed;
  • sustain the evolution of the facility by both exposing it as an asset in the incoming round of H2020 Calls and selling consultancy services to commercial partners interested on advanced testing for the deployment of innovative Future Internet services.