WARNING! Starting from January 1st, 2017 this website will no longer be updated. The new website is create-net.fbk.eu


One step ahead

CREATE-NET’s INNOVATION activity complements the research and engineering expertise towards the fulfillment of the overall mission of the Center, focusing on key application domains like Smart Cities, Smart Energy or Smart Living enabled by Future Internet Technologies.

INNOVATION, in cooperation with the research areas, promotes research exploitation and uptake in the industry and in the market, leveraging the expertise of the engineering team to develop advanced prototypes, translated in innovative services and spin-offs.

True to its spirit that innovation cannot be achieved in isolation, CREATE-NET is also involved in the launch and the promotion of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) – an open federated ecosystem where individuals and organizations collaborate to drive innovation in market sectors and technology areas where Europe has the highest potential to be competitive.

Through its role in the EAI, the INNOVATION team promotes a distinctive approach to developing a unified innovation landscape, by:

  • Building the critical mass to achieve innovation promoting a grassroots approach through the EAI
  • Bringing  technology-driven applications to society-driven services
  • Advancing ICT-based innovative solutions, leveraging on know-how and competences developed through cooperative and applied research
  • Transferring results into society and business through field testing and experimentation, and developing start-ups and spin-off activities

To support the EAI, the Innovation Department has been structured to build teams with these core objectives in mind:

  • Events, Conferences and Summits team – covering all aspects of the EAI physical meeting experience 
  • IT and Marketing teams - building and delivering and maintaining the Web Portals and virtual environment
  • Dissemination team – to facilitate the dissemination of all ICT Innovation content from both EAI direct activities and to include content from areas such as EU and research projects

Other core areas include:

  • Strategic Forum Membership and Services 
  • Services and Business Development