WARNING! Starting from January 1st, 2017 this website will no longer be updated. The new website is create-net.fbk.eu

Promoting Innovation: the European Alliance for Innovation

European Alliance for InnovationCREATE-NET is one of the members, and main drivers, of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), a non-profit organisation that brings under the same roof the major actors in the ICT innovation lifecycle. 

The mission of the EAI is to serve as an incubator for fostering innovation in the ICT sectors of society, providing points-of-access at all levels of the innovation cycle. The unique approach of EAI consists of involving active participation of member organisations and empowering their communities through a grassroots approach, thus promoting effective technology transfer, entrepreneurial mindset in education, and increased competitiveness of European companies.

CREATE-NET has been contributing to the formation of this initiative since its active involvement in the European Commission's workshop which took place in Lyon (ICT2008) to analyze and discuss the role of scientific societies in improving the innovation process in Europe, an area where Europe lags behind the US and other regions.

For more information on the EAI please visit the website.