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CREATE-NET at ECOC conference

Mar, 20/09/2016

This year, the Future Networks (FuN) Area in CREATE-NET will contribute to the 42th edition of the ECOC Conference with 5 papers on the programme


The European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC) is one of the most relevant events focusing on scientific and technical progress on materials, devices, and systems for applications in photonic networks, the basic technology for today’s and the future world-wide Internet.
The group involved on optical networking, led by Domenico Siracusa, successfully submitted two papers on the control and management of Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) networks and one paper on a hybrid SDN/GMPLS control plane for virtualized optical networks.
In addition to that, CREATE-NET participated to an invited paper discussing the benefits of multi-layer optimization and application-awareness on relevant operator-based use-cases.
Last but not least, a post-deadline paper demonstrating, for the first time, an automatic multilayer intent-based secure service creation by an open-source SDN orchestrator has been accepted and will be presented during the last day of the conference.
The research leading to these remarkable achievements has been carried out in collaboration with some of our key partners, such as Telefonica, Cisco, ADVA, Wonesys and AIT, and it has partially been supported by the European Commission through the INSPACE and ACINO EU projects.