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Innovating in the ICT field require professional development and continuous education. Whether we like it or not, today's business environments are very competitive and are continuously under evaluation by the market, by the clients and by the partners.

CREATE-NET R&D team has developed specific training modules to support the fast adoption of new technologies and infrastructures within commercial environments to support SMEs and innovators to learn about new Open Source technologies and frameworks that could speed up the development of new products/services and the adoption of innovative business models helping them to achieve growth and more visibility in the market.

We decided to partner with top quality industrial leaders and Open Source communities (like Cisco and others) with the objective to facilitate early adoption of new, open technological solutions and frameworks transferring technological innovation into business in the fields of cloud computing, IoT and mobile and transport networks.

CREATE-NET is currently offering consulting services in the areas of Open Cloud Infrastructures, Software Defined Networks and Internet of things applied to different application scenarios like Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Living, and many others.