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Gebremariam, A. A., L. Goratti, R. Riggio, D. Siracusa, and F. Granelli, "A Framework for Interference Control in Software-Defined Mobile Radio Networks", VENITS 2015 1st International Workshop on Vehicular Networking and Intelligent Transportation Systems, Las Vegas, NV, Jan, 2015, Conference Paper .
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Doriguzzi Corin, R., E. Salvadori, M. Gerola, and M. Santuari, "An Approach to Exposing and Sharing Network Services in Software-Defined Networking", ACM Sigcomm Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR), Santa Clara, CA - USA, 2015, Demo paper .
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Dupont, C., M. Sheikhalishahi, F. M. Facca, and F. Hermenier, "An energy aware application controller for optimizing renewable energy consumption in Cloud computing data centres", 8th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, Limassol, Cyprus, 2015, Conference Paper .
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Dupont, C., F. Hermenier, T. Shultze, R. Basmadjian, A. Somov, and G. Giuliani, "Plug4Green: A Flexible Energy-aware VM Manager to Fit Data Centre Particularities", Ad Hoc Networks (Special Issue on Energy-Aware Data Centres: Architecture, Infrastructure, and Communication), vol. 25: Elsevier, pp. 505-519, 2015, Journal Article .
Medvedeva, E., E. Klochkova, T. Kondelinskaya, A. Baranov, and A. Somov, "Thin film nanocomposite electrodes for electrochemical sensors", Procedia Engineering, vol. 120, Freiburg, Germany, Elsevier, pp. 1137-1140, 2015, Journal Article .
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Spirjakin, D., A. Baranov, A. Karelin, and A. Somov, "Wireless multi-sensor gas platform for environmental monitoring", IEEE Workshop on Environmental, Energy and Structural Monitoring Systems (EESMS’15), Trento, Italy, IEEE, pp. 232-237, 2015, Workshop paper .
Altman, E., F. De Pellegrini, and H. Huang, "Activation games in online dating platforms", Proc. of IEEE ICC DySON, London, UK, June 8 2015. , London, UK , IEEE, June, 2015, Workshop paper .
Bucaille, I., K. Sithamparanathan, K. Gomez, L. Goratti, and R. Riggio, "Capacity Evaluation of Aerial LTE Base-Stations for Public Safety Communications", IEEE EUCNC (European Conference on Networking and Communications), Paris, July, 2015, Conference Paper .
Al-Hazmi, Y., A. Willner, B. Pickering, A. Alloush, T. Magedanz, and S. Cretti, "Creating a Sustainable Federation of Cloud-Based Infrastructures for the Future Internet - The FIWARE Approach", The 10th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities (TRIDENTCOM 2015), Vancouver (Canada), June, 2015, Conference Paper .