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Four researchers from Trento awarded at the 2008 IEEE International Symposium, held in San Diego, California

l'Adige 27/05/2008

CREATE-NET researchers meet with representatives of Altopiano di Brentonico for the “Polsa Wireless” Internet connectivity

l'Adige 28/03/2008

CREATE-NET awarded research funding as part of the Autonomous Province of Trento “Grandi Progetti 2006” program

l'Adige 20/03/2008

CREATE-NET moved to the “research hill” in Povo: new headquarters and organization

l'Adige 28/07/2007

CREATE-NET and APRE (Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea) organized a workshop in Trento on FP7 opportunities for SMEs

l'Adige 06/09/2007

CREATE-NET part of the research consortium for energy saving and security in tunnels, together with the University of Trento, FBK-irst, Heidi SpA and Siemens

l'Adige 04/08/2007

CREATE-NET – now a permanent Research Center – to be hosted in FBK’s new buildings in Povo

l'Adige 02/08/2007

CREATE-NET with Informatica Trentina and Alpikom to bring VoIP benefits to Trentino's P.A. and elderly population

l'Adige 15/07/2007

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the Province of Trento, CREATE-NET, Social Cooperative Societies, University of Trento and ITC-irst to develop and test domotic environments

l'Adige e Trentino 14/04/2006

Prof. Bruno Crispo (CREATE-NET Security area coordinator) discovers that RFID tags are susceptible to computer viruses

Trentino 22/03/2006

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