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This call concerns the the deployment of a solution that will assist CREATE-NET and its partners in the organization and management of virtual and physical events, such as scientific conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

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GÉANT and OFELIA will demonstrate their joint innovative OpenFlow facility at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) in Dublin, on 8th to 10th of May 2013. On top of their multi-domain OpenFlow testbed an innovative network virtualization framework will be demonstrated allowing experimenters to instantiate virtual programmable networks with arbitrary topology. The demonstration will be hosted in the GÉANT and OFELIA booths.

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On May 7th, 8th and 9th CREATE-NET is involved as the Italian coordinator in the artistic experimentation which is demonstrating the future possibilities of new cultural services enhanced by optical fiber connection. The demo is part of the SPECIFI (http://www.specifi.eu/) project.

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Several CREATE-NET's projects are mentioned in the new publication on research and innovation projects "ICT for Societal Challenges".

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The demo “Thor: Energy Programmable WiFi Networks” which combines an open energy consumption monitoring and control toolkit and a Software Defined Networking solution for enterprise WLANs, won the best demo award at Infocom 2013.

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The First Italian Internet of Things (IoT) Day, organised by CREATE-NET / iCore, took place on the 9th of April in Trento and gathered great visibility as documented also as part of this storify: storify.com/postscapes/2013-internet-of-things-day

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On the 9th of April 2013, to mark the "IoT Day 2013" CREATE-NET is organising an informative event in Trento dedicated to the Internet of Things. The First Italian IoT Day will feature presentations from a number of field experts, with topics ranging from basic information on what is this technology, what allows you to do, how you can exploit it (examples of OpenPicus, Arduino programmable hardware kits will be showcased as well as products as GoodNightLamp).

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CREATE-NET informs that an external controller will be designated for the SEE_INNOVA project which is part of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme South East Europe.

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CREATE-NET recently released Influweb mobile application, which you can use to report flue symptoms at any time through your smartphone.

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WSA mobile is a global initiative that awards apps with global relevance and in 2012 event the award was granted to Positive Technology App which is the first iOS mobile application that integrates a 3D Virtual Reality environment with a mobile biofeedback technology to help users in managing and coping with daily psychological stress. 

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Deal2park is an App that allows you to pay for parking online, without using cash, and at a discounted price by taking advantage of the advertised offers you'll see on your smartphone posted by the nearby shops. The idea comes from three young startuppers:  Daniel Miorandi, Zane Kokina, and Jacopo Carreras.

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iCore project presented an early prototype of its initial research findings at the Future Network and Mobile Summit 2012 and received the "Runner-Up Demonstration Stand" award.

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CREATE-NET’s researcher, Corentin Dupont has been invited by the University of Aalto (Finland) as a speaker for the EIT summer school on cloud computing 2012.

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Energino, the tool for measuring and monitoring the power consumption of wireless networks was recently presented in Paderborn, Germany during WinMee, the 8th international workshop on the measurement of wireless networks.

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On 4 May, CREATE-NET will host a seminar with Eitan Altman, an expert of control theory and game theory, who will talk about a very hot subject: the dynamics of content popularity on the net and on social networks. Why some types of web content spread "virally" and others do not is one of the important questions that will be explored at this event.

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