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A collaboration agreement has been signed between the Province of Trento, Create-Net, Social Cooperative Societies and other institutes to develop and test domotic environments

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Alpikom and CREATE-NET got funding for the new start-up called Tutto IP with the "CONVERGENZA" Project

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CREATE-NET, in collaboration with the European Commission (Directorate General Information Society, unit "Future Emerging Technologies") and the Autonomous Province of Trento promoted an EU Forum to identify FET directions for the 7th Framework Programme. This workshop is part of an ongoing activity by the European Commission (DG InfSo, unit "Future Emerging Technologies") to define long-term research priorities.

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COMSWARE 2006, the International Conference dedicated to addressing challenging issues in Software in Communications, was successfully held in New Delhi last January.

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CREATE-NET and ALGORAB to develop first prototypes of ASSIST-MT sensor nodes

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CREATE-NET new article on four projects approved by the European Commission

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Three new articles on CREATE-NET available in the "CREATE-NET press release section"

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IANIS+ (Innovative Action Network for the Information Society) is a EU project funded by DG Regio

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