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Professor Imrich Chlamtac, President of CREATE-NET, listed in the 2005 ISIHighlyCited.Com database of the 250 most cited researchers in the world for Computer Science - Click on the title to learn more...

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On September 1st, 2005, Rajeev Shorey will pay a visit to CREATE-NET and then give a seminar titled "Recent Investigations in Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Network." Click on the title for further information

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Just a few months ago, CREATE-NET International Research Center held its second Industry Board meeting, attended by large and small ICT companies and Research institutes. Yet, the Center continues to extend its reach by welcoming ALCATEL Italy and the European Microsoft Innovation Centre (Microsoft EMIC) as part of its Industry Board. This collaboration will drive CREATE-NET’s Industry partners towards an even stronger synergy to disseminate research and promote innovation in the ICT sector.

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Prof. Levitin will visit the center and give a joint CREATE-NET/DIT invited talk at the University of Trento, Faculty of Science. (Click on the title for details)

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The Wireless Internet conference (WICON) that CREATE-NET International Research Center organizes jointly with IEEE, ICST and Budapest University of Technology and Economics takes in budapest, Hungary from July 10th to July 15th, 2005.

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On the occasion of the IST 5th call for proposals (deadline: September 21st 2005), and following the success of the 1st workshop in Levico in October 2004, CREATE-NET organized its "2nd Workshop on EU/IST Funding Opportunities".

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The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS-2005) will be held from Nov 7th to Nov 10th. CREATE-NET president Imrich Chlamtac will be giving the Keynote Address for the occasion. ( Click on the title to link to the conference website)

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CREATE-NET Research Center has invited Dr. Iacovoni to give a seminar on video transcoding. The seminar will be held in CREATE-NET's permises today at 2:00 p.m.- Click on the title for seminar details

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Dr. Bulent Yener (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY) visited CREATE-NET on June 23rd, 2005. He also gave a seminar and then attended the CREATE-NET Technical Workshop that started on June 24th.

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On Tuesday, May 24th 2005, Lorenzo Dellai, President of the Province of Trento paid a visit to CREATE-NET for an official presentation of the Center's activities.

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On May 12th, CREATE-NET hosted Prof. DeMillo, former HP CTO and Vice President and GM at Telecordia. Dr. DeMillo was responsible for computer science research, Internet systems and software strategy at Telcordia Technologies. Please click on the title for a detailed BIO

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On April 26th, Dr. Andreas Kirstadter gave a seminar titled "Research on Optical and High-Speed Networks at Siemens Corporate Technology". The seminar was jointly organized by CREATE-NET International Research Center and the D.I.T (Department of Information Technology) "Computer Networks Mobility" and will be held at the University of Trento - Faculty of Science - Povo. Click on the title for seminar details

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The 61st Conference on Traffic that was organized by the ACI Milano, the Province of Trento and the Automobile Club of Trento. This initiative highlighted the everyday's issues that all the metropolitan cities face including traffic congestion, polution and Parking.

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The WiOpt (Wireless and Optical) conference took place in Riva del Garda from Sunday, April 3rd to Thursday, April 7th. Together with its partners, CREATE-NET has organized this conference to bring researchers together in order to solve all the known issues in wireless ah-hoc systems. Click on the title to link to read more…

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