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The University of Bologna, the oldest university in the western world, will award Prof. Leonard Kleinrock the first honorary doctoral degree in Internet Sciences.

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On Friday, April 8th, 2005, CREATE-NET Research Center welcomed Dr. Victor Bahl from Microsoft Research. Dr. Bahl gave also a seminar that was organized jointly with DIT "Computer Network and Mobility" at the University of Trento (Faculty of Science). The seminar's title was "Wireless Mesh networks: Opportunities and Challenges"

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On September 2004, the Internationl Research Center, CREATE-NET, has made a proposal to the MIUR (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca) together with the Province of Trento to experiment T-Government services... (Click on the title for details)

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The Italian portal for information on Telecommunication, media and Internet produced a full report on CREATE-NET as a locomotive for the Italian research.

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Read a more detailed description of CREATE-NET in one of best updated portals for telecommunication news.

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The Trentino newpapers have reported the CREATE-NET's presentation at the EU Parliament as it is a big step for the center, in particular, and the research in Italy, in general. (Click on the title to go to the articles' page)

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On, Monday, March 14th 2005, CREATE-NET presented its activities for the European Union Parliament in Brussels.

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On Thursday, March 3rd, Doctor Csaba Kiss Kalló gave a seminar titled: "Routing in Scheduled Delay-Tolerant Networks with Target Interlocking." (Click on the title for more details)

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The Trentino newspaper has published an article about CREATE-NET's Testbed that was presented on the Tridentcom conference in Trento. (Click in the title to view a copy of the article -in Italian-)

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The local newspaper "L'Adige" published an article about the CREATE-NET's presenation in the EU parliament on March 14th (View a copy of the article -in Italian- by clicking on the title)

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Friday, Februay 25th was the last day for the Tridentcom (Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the DEvelopment of NeTworks and COMmunities): a three-day conference that CREATE-NET organized in partnership with ICST to present the research brake-troughs in infrastructures and Testbed.

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Today Cristina Costa gave a seminar for her Doctorate thesis in the Faculty of Science, Povo. Cristina is currently employed at CREATE-NET as a researcher in the Security area. Please read the abstract by clicking on the title.

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The local newspaper "TRENTINO" has reported CRETEAT-NET's ongoing activities on Wireless Sensor Networks and Testbed among which the ASSIST project that will deliver Parking solutions using the wireless sensors technology. Click on the link to read the article in Italian.

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CREATE-NET became an official sponsor of FOSAD (Foundations of Security Analysis and Design) school. Please click on the title for more details...

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The Italian based International Research Center CREATE-NET selects Lumentis state of the art optical network platform for a local area network, that will be used for data traffic as well as experiments and advanced research on optical networks.

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