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Alessandro Martellone @ Openstack birthday

Tue, 07/07/2015

OpenStack celebrates its 5th birthday and more than 35 parties will be thrown all over the world celebrating the OpenStack community. The Italian celebration day will take place in Milan at Coworking Login Milano on Tuesday, July 14th.

Alessandro Martellone, research engineer of the Smarti area at CREATE-NET, has been invited to give a talk during the event. Alessandro will present how to combine the agility offered by cloud computing while maintaining the stability and resiliency of their traditional environment (e.g. VMware vSphere®), using OpenStack as a single control plane to manage a multi-hypervisor cloud.

The program of the event is available at http://www.entercloudsuite.com/it/blog/2015/7/6/openstack-birthday-italy/

The Openstack community of developers and users around the world has written over 30 million lines of code in less than five years. This is an important result and CREATE-NET is proud to be working both on Neutron and Fuel projects (https://github.com/SmartInfrastructures) which are contibuting to this success.

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The hashtag for the event is  #OpenStack5Bday.