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Charalampos Doukas @ AIOTI Open Day

Wed, 10/02/2016

Charalampos Doukas, senior researcher of the Future Media solutions area in CREATE-NET, participated in the AIOTI Open Day in Athens, Greece on February 8th.

The event aims to gather all active actors of the IoT ecosystem in Greece, both from the supply side (technology providers) and the demand side (end users of technology) and increase innovation activities and promotion of IoT in Greece, aligned with the actions taken at European level as well as in other EU member states.

In particular, Charalampos presented the H2020 Project AGILE. The talk titled “AGILE: Adoptive Gateways for dIverse MuLtiple Environments”  highlighted the fact that Agile is targeted towards both industry and individuals and will form the basis of an ecosystem of IoT applications shareable among its users and developers.A range of suitable Use Cases are identified which provide the clear context and operational complexity to drive the proposed innovation.The research challenges underlying these developments are less developed.