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Charalampos Doukas @ IoT in the smart home workshop

Tue, 15/03/2016

The ‘Internet of Things in the Smart Home’ workshop is organised by ETSI in Sophia Antipollis between 21-22 of March.

The workshop will analyze the recent developments in the Smart Home, with a wide spectrum of point of view: business models, applications, technology and frameworks, regulation and law, etc.

In particular, the selected presentations will explore the IoT standards landscape, and the major challenges that the Large Scale Projects (LSPs) starting in 2017 will have to address. This group of experts, funded by the European Commission and supported by ETSI, is commissioned to provide on the one hand an in-depth analysis of the IoT Standardization landscape, and on the other hand, an identification of the IoT standardisation gaps.
Charalampos Doukas is participating at the event on behalf of CREATE-NET and presenting the AGILE H2020 project approach on IoT protocol support for the Smart Home, with the session entitled 'Enabling Home Automation through Open Source Modular Gateways: The AGILE approach'.