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Charalampos Doukas speaking @ RE.WORK Future Cities Summit

Mon, 01/12/2014
Future cities summit

Charalampos Doukas, CREATE-NET’s researcher and IoT maker, will be speaking at the RE.Work Future Cities Summit which will take place in London on December 4th and 5th.

The summit will showcase the opportunities of accelerating technologies and their impact on our urban areas and it will provide insight into breakthrough innovations that will have an impact on our future urban areas through the world’s leading technologists and decision-makers.
 Doukas will give a presentation titled “Fostering Connectivity & Interactivity Between all Urban Entities” and in particular he will talk about possible solutions to issues such as interoperability, data communication, interpretation and development of new user interfaces, but also he will underline the opportunities for entrepreneurs to present new ideas and solutions.

Moreover, Doukas will speak about COMPOSE: an EU-funded and open-source project that is providing all the building blocks to develop and deploy Smart City solutions: mobile technologies and software for object connectivity, data stream collection and processing, integration of OpenData, application development through visual workflow support, scalability through cloud infrastructures, privacy and security. All these through utilizing existing open-source frameworks, like Apache Storm, CloudFoundry and Node-RED.