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CREATE-NET’s researcher @ the EUCNC 2014

Tue, 22/07/2014

Domenico Siracusa, a researcher of the FuN area in CREATE-NET spoke at the European Conference on Networks and Communications held in Bologna from June 23rd until the 26th.

Siracusa gave a talk on control plane activities in the context of future flexible optical networks during the workshop “Spatially or/and Spectrally Flexible Core Optical Networks”.

The workshop focused on two of the main technological advancements that have been recently introduced in the optical networking domain:

  • spectrally flexible/elastic optical networks, which have been proposed to address the fundamental spectral efficiency limits of single-mode fibres. They resort to the so-called super-channel approach together with spectrally flexible/elastic multiplexing schemes and advanced modulation formats;
  • spatially flexible optical networks, which exploit the spatial domain as the evident solution to extend the capacity of optical communication systems.

Siracusa started by providing a short description of the main enabling technologies, such as legacy fixed-grid WDM solutions. After that, an overview of different possible control plane architectures was provided, focusing on their main features, advantages and disadvantages. A discussion on the main issues to be addressed at the control plane level and an overview of few works on the related topics followed. Finally, Space Division Multiplexing was introduced and some preliminary considerations on switching constraints and resource allocation policies were provided.

The workshop closed with a 25' panel discussion.